1. What is QUICKLOCS and how does it work?

QUICKLOCS is a website that connects filmmakers and photographers with property owners. Sometimes it can get really complicated and layered when you look for a location for your shoot so we created this website so you can contact the location owners directly to save time and get the best deal possible. Property owners offer their land, house, office, shop, etc. for film or photography shoots for a wanted price. Filmmakers can choose from a variety of different locations all in one place and contact the ones they think would fit their production best. Some property owners prefer not to manage their listings themselves and therefore we do that for them. These listings are called Premium and you will see that their posted by Quicklocs. Contact us the same way you would contact any other listing – we’re friendly and ready to help

2. I want to rent out my property, but I am new to this, where do I start?

You can start by going to our ABOUT page and carefully reading the information given there.

3. I am a filmmaker/photographer who needs a location, where do I start?

It’s simple! Just fill in the search fields according to what you are looking for and you will get results that fit your search. Additionally, you can browse through the available categories and find the location that suits you. You can browse locations with the free account.

4. I am renting a flat. Can I rent it out as a location?

Yes, but you have to get a permission from your real estate agency or landlord first.

5. How much will this cost me?

On Quicklocs you can post locations for free

You can browse, email and send private messages to the locations for free with a free account, all you need to do is Register. 

6. I can’t register, what can be the problem?

If you can’t register on the website, please contact us at support@quicklocs.com

7. I can’t add the listing, what can be the problem?

The main problem is usually your images’ size. Remember that there is a limit of 2 megabytes per image that you upload to your listing. If this doesn’t solve your problem please contact us at support@quicklocs.com

8. I browsed through the website but couldn’t find the location I need, what can I do?

If you couldn’t find the location you need, please contact us at info@quicklocs.com and we’ll try to help you find it.


You can find a lot of useful information in the pages below:

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Do you have another question? Please contact us at support@quicklocs.com

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