Atlas Studios - Victorian Industrial Mill location

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Atlas Studios - Victorian Industrial Mill location

Atlas Studios
Atlas Studios is located on the 2nd floor of a 19th Century textiles mill. Formerly number 6 of 10 mills located in Bolton, Atlas Studios has managed to retain many of its original features, including the original wooden and slate floors, along with being able to provide you with a photography studio setting.

The studios can provide you with three or four different locations all within one venue and all for one hire price. Atlas Studios has only been in existence since the turn of 2015, and it has taken a great deal of time to have Atlas Studios in a position where it can be hired out to production companies and photographers.

Main room - wooden floor room
The main room has original wooden floors throughout, with concrete strips in parts (these are a modern addition for machinery to be moved around the floor by previous owners). Within the main room there are colourful struts / poles running throughout the room. As can be viewed in the images attached the room is bathed in natural light and has a very urban gritty texture to the walls with paint peeling off showing a variety of colours from years gone by.

At sunset the room is awash with the golden glow from the setting sun as it sends it light through owe 100 windows located all around the 79 metre length of the room. The dimensions of this room, as can be seen on the floor plan are 79 x 41 metres.

Within this room we have created a 15 x 18 foot pallet wall, see images. This has been created using 40 pallets. It has been designed to fit into the surroundings of the studio whilst also giving a very textured background which can offer a different type of backdrop within Atlas Studios from what is already naturally offered by the mill settings.

Second room - Slate room
Within the second room you will find a very different feel and look to the room, this is due to the room having a floor made of entirely large slate slabs, it too has poles/struts which are green. The room has a green and grey combination, with the walls have a block of colour running round it of a green colour. Again the paint is fading and it peeling, leaving the room with a very gritty worn feel. This room also is very matte in its overall colour, largely in part to the windows having a mottled glass on it which diffuses and softens the light which washes into the room and also in part to the colour scheme being a very flat grey and green. The dimensions of this room, as can be seen by the floor plan are 18 x 42 metres.

The two room are linked with very large sliding steel doors, one green and one red, and a stair well. There is also an old lift shaft, all the colours in this small section are bright and very vivid, and with 2 very large windows within this section which lights the textured walls and paintwork beautifully its not hard to see why this is a photographers favourite location choice within the studio.

Third room - office space
A third room is also available which is a dilapidated 90's office space. This has a run down look to it and has an early 90's feel to the office. It has a blue tiled floor which is quite tatty and missing tiles in places, suspended ceiling with tiles, and white clad walls. . The dimensions of this room, as can be seen by the floor plan are approximately 20 x 10 metres.

Photography studios

Restrooms, dressing room & Green room
Within the office space we house our dressing room, which has clothing rails, large table, chairs and a full length mirror. It also houses our green room, which has a large couch, coffee tables and is somewhere for the models and actors to rest.
Our facilities also include male and female toilets and a kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities, a fridge and a microwave.

Electrical supply
Atlas Studios has many main electrical points within the wooden room and the office. Within the Wooden room we also have 2 3 phase electrical points. However, within the Slate room there are no electrical points. A 90 metres of 2 phase cabling will reach half way into the slate room. 150 metres of 3 phase cabling will reach everywhere in both of the main rooms, the wooden floor and the slate room. You will be required to provide these extension cables.

Parking & Location
There is a very large parking space outside with enough room to fit 3 buses and cars within it, however this parking space belongs to another company and is subject to availability.
Should you have a large shoot, your staff will be required to park in Morrisons car park, we have an agreement where our clients can park there without challenge, so long as your cars are displaying our Lanyards.

Atlas Studios has easy access from the main road, it is 10 minutes away from the main ring road around bolton, A666 and is 5 minutes away from the Train station. The M60 is approximately 15 minutes away from Atlas Studios.

Our address is

Atlas Studios
Mornington Road
Greater Manchester

Local Amenities
30 metres over the road from Atlas Studios can be found a very large Morrisons superstore, and Petrol station. We also have a bakery and butchers which we have great relations with were they can provide catering for your production crew and deliver it for a time which you need it for.

Should your shoot go into the night, we have plentiful supply of fast food establishments located around Atlas Studios, all of which will deliver to us too.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in having a visit to Atlas Studios, it would be pleasure to show you around so you can see for yourself our incredible location.

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