Renting Your Property

Overview of productions

Feature Films/narrative

Feature films typically have a cast and crew size of 85-100 people. Budget range from less than $1 million to over $100 million, and preparation may begin up to 4 months in advance of the start of principal photography. During this time, budgets are set and locations are chosen. The average shooting schedule for a film is three months, and one location might be utilized for only a few days or for the entire production. What you should charge for feature films very much depend on the size of the production. A big budget film might ask to tear down walls, and in such situation you might want to up the charge in addition to creating clear ground rules with the producer of what they are allowed to do and when you they will clean/repair anything they have damaged. A lower budget film or a student film will most likely have quite a limited crew, less time and don’t have the budget to tear down or change to much about your location. For such productions you should consider charging less as they might be less of a hassle to work with. It’s quicker and easier.


Episodic television

These are usually one-hour dramatic or roughly twenty minutes episodes for comedies. Cast and crew sizes for television shows are generally smaller than for feature films. The budgets for television vary, from pilots that might be low budget, to high-end series with million pound budgets. Usually one episode will be filmed in about a week, with a few days on location. Episodic television and commercials often suffer from severe time crunches. Quite often, a series is given an approved script just days prior to production. In addition, episodic television often uses the same locations multiple times, creating a recurring source of revenue for the property owner.


Commercials and Music Videos

Commercial productions vary in budget from a few thousand to several millions. The crew sizes on can also vary from small to large depending on the production. It is highly advised to get specific information about what will happen in a commercial shoot as the variety in commercial is quite large. It can be anything from a person talking to the camera to full-fledged battle scenes.

Photo shoots

Photo shoots are usually smaller and less needy productions. Also, as you already understood they will only take pictures so you don’t have to worry about a nearby airport, train track or any other sound disruptions. Photographers will usually bring in a few lights, an assistant, make-up artist and talent. In some cases it can be a big shoot with lots of people involved. Take full advantage of these projects either it’s publicity or money offered in return.

How much should I charge?

Click to read our pricing guide here.

Make a successful listing

If you chose to list your property on Quicklocs there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your listing will be a success.

Give as much information as possible to the filmmakers in the listing. This will make it easy and convenient for both you and the filmmaker as they will know straight away if the location is suitable and you can work together. If all the information is upfront you can save a lot of time from unnecessary inquiries that won’t lead anywhere. Recommended information to include:

-          Electricity, do you have the required electric output or is a generator needed.

-          Nearby shops/coffee places that can make the catering easier for the shoot.

-          Sound issues such as nearby highways or flight paths.

-          Safety – Is your property safe to film in?

-          Accessibility – Can a crew, equipment, and x people fit in the area?

-          Inconvenience – anything that happens in your area that might affect the shoot is good to be aware off.

-          A floor plan. Let them see if there’s sufficient space for their equipment. It is not required on the website, but it would give you an advantage.

-          Give an upfront estimate of how much money the property will charge. This doesn’t have to be exact but if you give a ballpark number it will be easier for productions to know whether they have the sufficient resources to book your location.

-          Note if there are specific days that the location is not available.


The point of the listing is to make it easy for the both sides to figure out if you are a good fit.  The more information you can put in, the less contact you need to have before final agreements, which saves everyone time.

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