Renting Your Property short

As a Property Owner you may be wondering how you can rent your home or business as a filming location for Production Companies or Independent Filmmakers. You may also be worried about things like:


Will this be very disruptive?

Will my neighbours mind?

How much can I charge?


Read on and we will guide you through some of the basic information you should know before offering your property.

If you need any further information, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you


The Pros of letting film crews into Your property


First of all – film crews will pay you to film in your property. This could be a great extra source of money or if you are really serious – even the main source of income.


Film crews can improve your property and even leave it in a better state than it was. If you give permission for the production to make adjustments to your property, they can fix a cracked ceiling, replace your old wallpaper or even transform your garden.


If you get a bigger shoot to your property it could be a great promotional tool for the future!


Big shoots can raise the whole communities economy. They will need food, electronics, transport maybe even props from nearby shops.


Things to know


When you are contacted by a filmmaker or production company there are a few questions that you need to ask before moving forward:

  1. What kind of production is it? (Film, TV, Advert, Photoshoot, Corporate, Music Video, Etc)
  2. What is the name of the production company and/or who is the contact person?
  3. Can I see the website or any previous work? (You may not)
  4. How many filming days will there be? Only days or nights as well?
  5. Filming Hours?
  6. Any preparation days needed?
  7. Is there a description of action or a script that I could read?
  8. How big will the crew be? Will there be a lot of cars?
  9. Are you going to use any pyrotechnics or do stunts?


You may provide some of this information when you create a listing.

Make sure you know the name of contact person.


Filmmakers will most likely want to have a RECCE before they actually come to film.

A RECCE refers to pre-filming visit visit to a location to work out it’s suitability for shooting, including access to necessary facilities and assessment of any potential lighting or sound issues.

Filmmakers may want to do some test shots as well. 


How much should I charge?


It is recommended that you charge depending on the size of the production, crew and days of shooting.

Both sides (You and the Filmmaker/Photographer) will try to get the best deal possible.

If you receive a call from a student filmmaker and he says he would like to use your roof terrace for half a day to finish his dissertation project you may want to be considerate and let him in for a half day price. Small productions are most likely to be quick and will not cause any mess to your property. Just make sure you draw specific agreements of what they are permitted to do and what they are not. Think of small productions this way – they will probably not take much time, won’t create chaos and it’s extra money in your pocket for doing nothing.

Bigger productions may require to bring in a lot of equipment, cast, crew, extras and so on. Charge them accordingly and make sure you make clear of what is permitted.

We can’t stress enough this – Make sure that it is clear what are the things that the film crew is permitted to do and what they are not. Make sure you agree BEFORE THE SHOOT on what condition will the crew leave the property in. Will they clean it, put furniture back where it was, etc. You can also get a written provision that the film company/filmmaker/photographer must restore your property to its original condition.


Other things to consider


Safety – Is your property safe to film in?

Accessibility – Can a crew, equipment, and x people fit in the area?

Inconvenience – How will your neighbours or tenants will feel? Are there any children around?

Will this disrupt your life? Your family? Pets?


This is just a basic guide for the Property Owners who are looking to rent out their properties for film or photography purposes for the first time.

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