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Here you can find a variety of useful information for filming and photographing in the United Kingdom. Additionally, you can find links leading you to great resources that could help in your projects.

Public liability

All productions, international and domestic need Public Liability Insurance to receive permission for filming or commercial photography.

Public liability covers your production if the shooting causes any damages to any third party or property damage.

The minimum cover is 2million GBP if you are filming or taking any photography on the streets. For some specific areas it is required up to 5 million. The exact amount will depend on several factors such as the size of your crew, locations and what happens in the shoot (action set piece will require more). For exact information contact the right Borough of London.

If you are a student you should most likely be covered by your university’s policy. You should still request a copy of such policies from your university to carry as proof to property owners, etc.

You should also aim to have most of your equipment insured as it can be quite a financial burden when equipment breaks down without sufficient insurance cover. Most rental companies will offer you an option to pay an extra surcharge to be covered by their policy.

Health and safety

When you are filming it is important that you know and follow the laws of the United Kingdom. It is usually your responsibility as the producer to be aware of health and safety risks and have a system set in order to deal with any situations that might arise. Your duties include: a system of managing health and safety issues, asses the nature of such risks and manage them. You need to continuously be aware of any risks throughout your shoot and think ahead of anything involved in your production that could be a possible health and safety hazard.


When you are shooting on a property or location that you a renting we highly recommend that you inform the landowner of an exact schedule of when you arrive, when you wrap and when the location will be completely clean. When preparing the schedules for the shoot it is good if you keep the neighbourhood in mind and try and be considerate of the occupants of the area where you will be filming.

Here you can find the full list of London Boroughs contacts for filming permissions. These are very useful for filming, as you need to contact them and notify them to legally film on the streets of London. They can also offer you useful information on the area and do’s and don’t for their district.

Filming on the tube/trains

-          The base rate to film on the tube (underground) with a crew of five people is 500GBP per Hour. If you are a student you can get deals starting at 50gbp. London Underground film office has a lot of further helpful information that can be found here:

-          Filming on buses

-          Filming on the DLR

-          Filing on TFL piers

-          London Roads

-          Southwest trains Generally, you need to personally get in touch for permissions to film on trains.

-          Network Rail

-          Wales Trains

-          Southern Railway

Remember It is very important to contact these services and apply in good time before your shoot as it sometimes can take quite some time to get a response and an official go ahead.

If you find any part of this incorrect or have additions, please email us:

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