Casino photographer job – what is it

In the 21st century, fewer and fewer people have time for real casinos and other gambling establishments. The latter would all be easier if some of them just didn’t want to take the risk – it’s much easier to play at online casinos today. Hence, access to this niche market seems to be becoming the prerogative of the established. but not.

GO Capturing Casino Charm

Photo and video content helps to bridge the gap between the average user and the casino. Today, almost every ordinary person can imagine the interior and atmosphere of a gaming club. Not only ordinary people, but also the elite, media and public are not allowed to enter. Accordingly, the subject of the mystique of casinos has almost disappeared. Anyone, if they wish, could tell Platinum from Hotel Europe, and not even once having been there or played. This is all thanks to the hard work of thousands of photographers who specialise in casino themes.

Where do the photos of the inside of the casino come from?

It has long been illegal to take photos and videos in Las Vegas casinos to protect player privacy, deter fraud and guard the casino from being robbed. These days some of the casinos still strictly follow this rule, while others have given the freedom to people who simply need to take a few photos for their own private use. Should you be ignorant of the casino photo rules and try taking pictures, guards will stop your attempt immediately.

So where do photos of casino life come from? It all depends on the nature of the process itself. Most casino photo galleries have been produced by prior arrangement with the casino administration. In such cases, the customer of the photo set is the casino itself. The purpose of such a shooting is obvious – an advertising campaign.

A less common variant would be an appeal from various publishing houses, magazines and editors, who are interested in placing the frames on their resources. As a rule, the establishment goes along with this initiative as well. They do it as a full casino report, with the client’s specifications laying out the main details. The nuance of such approach is simple – the resulting photo package doesn’t reflect real casino environment during regular casino operations. To put it simply, the whole set is done, as they say, “on camera”.

In contrast to the “celebrity hunt”, here you have to look for any opportunity to get a spectacular shot of the place itself. That is, it’s the antipode of the previous option. Needless to say, the casino itself won’t be happy about it.

The cinematographer in charge of a covert shoot should prepare for the most effective, not too different from the preparation in a spy film.

During the action, pay attention to camera coverage, proper appearance and tactics to produce an unobtrusive record. In exceptional cases, photographers had to arm themselves with specialized “spy” equipment – tiny cameras, recording systems, and so on.

The consequences of such work in a casino may be very diverse. A successful shot of casino action can wow a casino competitor, or a celebrity photo can blow up corresponding magazines and cause a major scandal in show business.

But at the same time, responsibility must also be kept in mind. Such incidents are not good for the reputation of casino establishments and their visitors, so the systems to control such espionage are constantly tightened. When a photographer fails, he or she should be prepared for anything from an awkward encounter with a security guard to a meeting with a lawmaker. Therefore, you must carefully consider the consequences before agreeing to such contracts and commissions. В частности, необходимо изучить законы и правила самого казино.

Distinguishing features of shooting casinos from other venues

Based on the specifics of a photographer’s work in a casino, there are a number of questions about the photography. It’s worth taking a closer look at casino footage. All of them show some impressive interior, richly decorated thematic equipment and other remarkable details. At this point, it’s hard not to notice the lack of the most important detail – most casino photos lack not only casino visitors, but even casino staff.

GO Capturing Casino Charm

And if you take into account that guests may theoretically not visit the casino during certain hours, the absence of uniformed croupiers and waiters makes you wonder. The truth is very simple. Pictures like these are staged – the casino is specifically closed for a certain period of time to produce them. Naturally, the event involves a full clean-up, the setting up of tables and the switching on of slot machines, and other procedures.

On the face of it, this might seem to be a business disadvantage for the casino, although don’t jump to conclusions. However, the reason for limiting photography is less about casino “secrecy” than about tourists. It’s easy to imagine that not every client would be happy to see his or her picture on a media or feature page.

While most private casinos are aware and sensitive to privacy rights, they strictly enforce their privacy protocols. If they do not, they face not only reputational risks but also legal disputes.

However, strict requirements for photography are not always the norm. Many casino establishments not only prohibit video recording, but generally keep their workflows open. Also, they don’t always require a dress code. Most open gambling establishments even allow entry into the lobby as observers – keeping an indicator of activity inside the lobby. You can enter the casino as a tourist and at least take a selfie in front of the slot machines. With your press card, you also get special privileges.

Is it worth devoting your time to the casino theme?

As you can see from the above, there are plenty of opportunities to work on a casino theme. However, signing a contract will be the most profitable and the safest choice. If a casino can afford to stop working (as well as the flow of profits) and provide all the conditions for a perfect photo shoot, it’s foolish to think that casino owners would skimp on the services of a photographer. However, adventurous lovers may expect big fees, but they take big risks – just like the gamblers at the casinos.

In any case, a positive result will always satisfy the photographer – both financially and professionally.