Stunning confectioneries from around the world

Admit to yourself that at least once you dreamed of countless confectionery products around you that you could taste unlimitedly.

You have imagined millions of times how you lick the sweet top rose from a multi-tiered cake, which seems fantastically unreal on the TV screen. Even in sweet dreams, you could not fully enjoy the smell of coffee beans and orange biscuit. Recognize yourself!? If yes, then take care of your nervous system and get ready for the dizzying news – all your sweet dreams can come true. Grab an atlas and quickly mark all the bakeries and pastry shops in the world where you are guaranteed a gastronomic orgasm.

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1. Dominique Ansel Bakery, New York, USA

There are several reasons why you should visit Dominique Ancel’s Bakery in New York. The first of these is kronat. Cronut is a new dish of American cuisine and is a hybrid of donut and French croissant. The cronut turned out so delicious that many people come to this bakery to try the wonderful donuts and recharge with positive energy for the whole day. Unfortunately, by 11 a.m., all the cronuts are taken apart in the bakery. But a good host always has a few free samples in store for you to taste. The second reason is amazingly delicious cakes, pies and cookies. Believe me, a couple of extra pounds are worth tasting delicious sweets.

2. Tatte Confectionery, Boston, USA

If you are a passionate lover of fruits and pastries at the same time, then the Tatte bakery is waiting for you. You can’t even imagine how amazing pastries can be. Pies and all kinds of dough products look so beautiful that you are afraid to even touch them.

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3. Sadaharu Aoki Confectionery in Tokyo and Paris

The talented confectioner Sadaharu Aoki has learned to “tame” absolutely any sweet texture and turn it into a real work of art. Boldly combining unique Japanese ingredients with French pastries, the pastry chef has practically created a separate branch of pastry cooking. You won’t find a green tea croissant or a black sesame eclair anywhere else in the world, so take your sweet journey now.

4. Confectionery Demel, Vienna

One of the best places on the planet where you can taste the real products of the imperial patisserie is in Vienna. On the ground floor, you will come across an amazing selection of cakes, buns, sweets. If you can break away and go deep, you will be lucky enough to see the whole process of preparing the beautiful. On the second floor of the confectionery, you can personally taste everything you want. And within the walls of the confectionery you can visit the museum of confectionery art. It is unlikely that you will find a place in the world that combines the wonderful atmosphere of old Vienna, comfort, hospitality and sweets for every taste.

5. Conditori La Glace, Copenhagen, Denmark

Conditori La Glace is located in Copenhagen and is said to be the oldest patisserie in all of Denmark. Once inside, you instantly feel like you are in an unusual place and in a different era. For every holiday, the confectionery decorates the windows with all sorts of goodies, amazing and incomparable. When traveling around Denmark, be sure to visit this patisserie for their traditional cake and invigorating cappuccino.

6. Du Pain et des Ideas Bakery, Paris, France

The Parisian bakery Du Pain et des Idees is famous for its incomparable pastries. It is here that the most delicious French croissants are baked, which will surely drive anyone crazy. Even if you enter the bakery without feeling hungry, the sweet aromas will make you reconsider your choice.

7. Czech Stop Bakery, West, Texas

From the outside, the Czech Stop bakery does not look unusual. But, as they say, beauty is inside and it can be described in one word: colaches. Kolaches is a type of pastry made with tender soufflé and pieces of fruit. The bakery adheres to Czech confectionery traditions, so tasting something from their range will make you feel like you are in the cramped streets of Prague. A big plus of the bakery is that it is open to visitors 24 hours 7 days a week. So at any time you have not arrived, freshly baked colaches will always be waiting for you.

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8. Pasticceria Marchesi Bakery, Milan, Italy

A small bakery is located in the heart of Milan and boasts the status of “the oldest bakery”. Pasticceria Marchesi offers customers a wide range of traditional Italian pastries and a wide range of drinks. Once inside, you will feel the real Italian surroundings, thanks to the exquisite design. While enjoying delicious coffee and sweet pastries, you can stroll through the antique shop located above the bakery.

9. Bakerbot’s Confectionery, Toronto, Canada

At one of the best patisserie in Toronto, you can taste the amazingly delicious handmade dessert of ice cream and biscuit, adding any ingredients of your own taste. Trust me, you’ve never tasted anything more delicious, so be sure to check out Bakerbot’s.

10. e5 Bakehouse, London, England

The small cozy e5 Bakehouse is famous in London for its traditional English pastries. Almost all of their recipes are old, so their products are unique. If you wish, you can enroll in a bakery course in the bakery and surprise your loved ones with some special dish. There are a lot of obvious advantages of e5 Bakehouse, so you should definitely see it for yourself.

11. Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney, Australia

If you ever get the chance to visit Sydney, then check out the Bourke Street Bakery, which you can find all over the city. Despite the small size, you will be surprised by the taste of pastries and be sure to take a couple of buns with you. The bakery also bakes the best meat pie in the world, so don’t miss this bakery.

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12. Confectionery Gagou de Paris, Jerusalem, Israel

The French-style Gagou de Paris patisserie surpasses many bakeries located in France. Imagine that in holy Jerusalem you can taste a real French croissant, prepared with all the subtleties of French culinary art. The confectionery has products made from any kind of dough, so even a sophisticated gourmet will find something to their taste.