Wookey Hole Hotel and Hole

Wookey Hole Hotel

This hotel is located 27 km from the city center.

A hotel where it is good to relax before long walks. Wookey Hole Hotel is located in Wolverton.

Try coffee in a cafe – what if it becomes the best in the city? Free Wi-Fi is available on site. Specify the information immediately upon arrival.

You can pass the evening or have a good time before going to bed in a cozy atmosphere in the bar. You can try new dishes and relax in the restaurant.

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For business events, a conference room and equipment for meetings and presentations are provided. The hotel has playrooms for children.

Parking is provided for travelers by car. You won’t be bored, because the hotel has a library and a picnic area for guests.

To book an excursion, contact the hotel’s tour desk. Optional: ATM and private check-in and check-out.

Be prepared for the fact that the children will have fun, and you will have to while away the evening with adults.

A DVD player, alarm clock and TV will be waiting for you in your room. The listed services are not available in all rooms.

The hotel staff will support the conversation in English.

The Wookey Hole caves

The Wookey Hole caves are one of the most striking natural attractions in Somerset, England. They appeared thanks to the river Ex, which flows under the soft Mendip hills. The caves got their name in honor of the witch from the village of Wookey Hole, however, translated from Latin, Celtic and Norman languages, it will be translated only as “Cave”.

The average temperature in the dungeon rarely rises above 10 degrees. But, despite this, people lived here in the Iron Age. This is evidenced by archaeological excavations. In 1544, traces of Roman mines where lead was mined were also found here. Today Wookey Hole Caverns is a popular tourist attraction. Various expositions and exhibitions with the latest lighting systems are organized here. There is also a shop and a restaurant in the caves.

Among the main attractions of Wookey Hole is the huge stalagmite that grows in the first hall. In its form, it resembles a person. The locals call him the petrified monk.

Wookey Hole Caves is the main attraction of the small village of the same name. Once upon a time, these caves were “cut” in the limestone rock of the Mendip Hills by the local river Ex.

Archaeologists have found evidence that even 50 thousand years ago, ancient people and animals lived in the caves of the Wookie village. And if Wookey Hole was occupied by people in the Iron Age, then in the nearby Hyena cave, ancient hunters lived in the Stone Age, and in the dry caves of Badger and Rhino, located just above the Wookey Gorge, sediments from the Ice Age are still preserved.

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Today, the caves are open to the public with guided tours, during which they tell the history of the caves and their inhabitants, as well as the ancient legend of the bloodthirsty witch from Wookiee, after whom the caves were named. In the first chamber of the caves stands a 20-foot-tall stalagmite that represents a petrified witch.

The Wookey Hole caves maintain a constant temperature of 11°C. This property has been used by people in various capacities for 50,000 years. For example, this temperature, combined with high humidity, is nearly ideal for “ripening” Cheddar cheese.

Today, Wookey Hole has turned into a large attraction with bright lights, all kinds of exhibitions and even vintage slot machines, a shop, a restaurant and a cinema.

Above ground there are also many attractions for visitors. There is an exhibition with an exposition dedicated to the history of the cave, archaeological excavations. For kids, there is a Victorian indoor pirate playground, a mirror maze, Dinosaur Valley, a fairy garden, adventure island and more.

Don’t forget to also visit the cheese shop, which sells cheese made in these caves.

The Wookiee Hole complex has a restaurant, a café and a witch’s kitchen serving meals, snacks and drinks.