Finding the necessary locations for filming is the very first and most important point on which the perception of a commercial, film or clip depends. Stylistics, artistic value, availability of lighting, high or low ceilings, sufficient meters and parking spaces for the group are the most basic parameters for a location.

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Conventionally, all locations for filming are divided into three types:

Pavilions and paid special locations.

They have access for a large number of people, a bathroom, a make-up room, 380 or 220 Volt power, high ceilings of 3 meters or more for lighting fixtures. They are comfortable to work in and there is additional space for the group, clients, agency where you can relax, for example, a chill-out zone, where it is convenient to drink coffee and discuss the filming process.

Minus: You have to allocate a budget for the construction of additional scenery, since such locations are very popular and can be seen in another commercial.

Location for filming, where you can “negotiate”.

You will have to look for such sites or order the location scouting service from professionals. The artistic value of such places lies in the fact that few people took pictures of them in their works. Basically, these are apartments, offices and houses. It is also possible to search for other options for specific tasks of the script or video.

Cons: sometimes there are low ceilings in the premises and not always such places are adapted for shooting – there are few parking spaces, the place for filming is high, it is difficult to get to it or get inside, there are neighbors nearby.

Street and nature.

If the street is not located in the city center and the scale of filming is small, then you can do without serious costs. In nature, if this territory does not belong to private property, you can also avoid renting. However, you will have to face the lack of power for lighting fixtures, a kitchen and a changing area.

In this situation, the location manager will help to obtain permits from the Forestry or the park area – the minimum amount must be included in the filming budget.

Location price?

The most expensive are paid premises and pavilions. They cost a thousand dollars a shift. The option to rent a photo studio will be cheaper – from $ 50 per hour of shooting for video. When renting, it is necessary to take into account prices, the style of the location for filming, technical equipment and the need for sound recording, the wishes of the director and cameraman.

Venues for filming, where you can agree, are constantly rented. Therefore, payment for renting the premises and obtaining permission to shoot can be minimal, or fixed for a full day of shooting.

Shooting in nature or in the city is mostly free, but there are exceptions. Sometimes you will need to negotiate with the mayor’s office of the city or municipal structures. Since there are no ready-made solutions, it will take a lot of tinkering, spending at least 5 working days on writing letters, contacting responsible persons and obtaining permission. To save your time, contact the location agency, which will take care of finding and renting an exclusive place.

How to search for a location?

Location search agencies or a location manager will make this task much easier for you. They have several options in advance and a lot of necessary contacts to solve the most difficult issues. Before contacting, it is better to have a preliminary idea of ​​​​what you expect from this site.
Look for places on the Internet, pay attention to daily rent, try to negotiate with the owner.
The price depends on the time, the number of the film crew and the complexity of the task. The process is very labor-intensive, both in terms of money and time. Therefore, it is better to delegate it to professionals.

To select the necessary location in nature, you need to take a car, drive and inspect. If there is no transport, use 3d tours on Google maps or contact a location agency.

How to find a free location for filming?

It is almost impossible to find free premises for filming, basically, these are locations that can be provided to you on a barter basis and subject to certain nuances (shooting a student film or shooting with up to 10 people). If you like the area or the room, you can negotiate with the people responsible for making the decision.

The main free options in nature are:

Mounds, plains
Beaches, ponds
Also look at schools, villages, abandoned buildings, offices of small companies. Call photography schools, sometimes for the sake of mentioning themselves they are ready to provide a platform and even shooting equipment for a conditional fee.

Be sure to consult with the cameraman, director or gaffer so that there is no situation when a cool venue is not suitable due to technical nuances.

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Why should you contact a location manager or a location agency?

Turning to specialists will save you from a number of problems:

Save time

Allows you to choose the best option from hundreds of proposed

Will solve the issue of preparing a presentation, scouting fresh photographers

ny chosen location or search for new ones, preparation of official documents or obtaining permits

Taking into account the professional, experience minimizes the disruption of filming and guarantees a professional approach to negotiations.

Our location agency Kinopoint offers location selection services for shooting promotional videos, high-budget films, movies, clips, TV programs. Representatives of the organization accept applications for tenders and organize the selection of information according to your request, and are also ready to provide location services and support of the film crew during the shift.

Many companies have used our services. We guarantee you unique filming opportunities, including economy and luxury options for venues, exclusive terms of cooperation, security and cost optimization for filming processes. Discounts are possible for regular customers.