Shepret Wildlife Park was founded as a private reserve in 1979. The WillersMill Wild Animal Sanctuary has been known to be a haven for creatures big and small, including rescued foxes, hedgehogs and badgers, as well as many other unlicensed exotics. After care and rehabilitation, many returned to the wild, but where this was not possible, they lived their lives in the reserve. Today, the Shepret Wildlife Park is still home to the bustling Hedgehog Hospital, but is also involved in national and international breeding programs for endangered species. She remains committed to the conservation and protection of animals and to educating the next generation of environmentalists.

For most people, one of the most favorite subjects of photography is outdoor photography. Well, when it’s far from wildlife or you just want to find an excellent green lawn right in the city, then where to go if not to the park. After all, it is in the park that the city landscapes and nature are perfectly combined. At any time of the year, the park will provide the photographer with a number of advantages when choosing to shoot here.

Filming opportunities in the park

By far, the favorite time of the year for most photographers is summer. A photo shoot in the park in the summer is an inexhaustible opportunity for the best shots. So, for example, a convenient place for shooting is near various, and sometimes vintage benches, as well as among well-groomed trees.

Moreover, you can choose a variety of poses for a photo shoot in the park. You can sit among the grass and trees, especially if there are colorful flower beds nearby. You can also mysteriously look out from behind a tree, lean on it, or casually sit on a bench. But not only in an ordinary city park you can take great pictures.

Do not forget about such a favorite place for many as an amusement park. A photo shoot in an amusement park opens up new opportunities for the photographer’s lens. Here you can use all kinds of attractions and take unforgettable photos in motion. With such shooting, you can capture the most sincere emotions.

Particularly good photos are obtained during family photo sessions in the park. Children can be photographed on trampolines, along with cotton candy, on slides or other entertainment facilities. Also, even mom can enjoy the memories of childhood during a photo session with soap bubbles. Great photos are also obtained when parents swing their children on a swing, or just enjoy a picnic in the middle of a city park.

Girls in the park

The park offers a range of opportunities for everyone, including girls. A photo shoot of a girl in a park may include pictures among flowers and trees, which will emphasize beauty and femininity.

Pictures will look especially great if a woman is expecting a replenishment in the family. A photo shoot in the park of a pregnant woman will emphasize her special mood, which girls experience only in an interesting position. An abundance of plants will look especially good as a background in such a photo.

There are also great opportunities for a photo shoot in the park in the spring, which will help convey the mood, the beginning of something new and positive.

Have you ever been in the park on an early spring sunny morning? And it must be early spring. There is still a lot of snow around, but it is no longer cold, the sun is starting to warm up, which is why a light haze hangs in the air. You know how great the haze allows you to share plans in photos! Today I just had the pleasure of taking a walk in the city park early in the morning. Let’s see what kind of photos we can get there.

Once upon a time, I already photographed a park in the snow. But those were photos taken during the day, when the sun is already high and the air is quite transparent. Mornings are a much more interesting time for filming. First, there are practically no people. Second: the already mentioned haze. And finally, the low-lying sun creates an interesting play of shadows. For the sake of all this, in the morning you can open your eyes for an hour of the usual time and, on the way to a hateful job, turn into a park or city square.

The pictures show the same place – a ski track along the fence of the Avtozavodsky park in Nizhny Novgorod. Only in the first case, the photo was taken from a height of about 180 cm, and the other – about 60 cm. Probably both pictures have their rights to life. It’s up to you to decide which one looks better. It just happens very often that a photographer, especially a beginner, completely loses sight of the fact that it is worth sitting down (or even lying down) and even the most “boring” subject can suddenly open up from an unexpected interesting angle.

Next comes the “music bus”. Yes Yes! It is he who is silent now, but it will get a little warmer, and retro-style music will rush from the speakers, and delicious pies with coffee will be sold in the window. It’s basically a mini cafe.